Yoga and somatics on the ball workshop

Unique creative mindful movement sequences for muscular strength, suppleness and pain relief

Where:Gwills Yoga Studio, Lane, Newquay
When: Saturday Nov 3  10-1pm

A  fun, creative way of healing with somatics and yoga on the ball

Host:Mara Blackburn, a Somatics, yoga teacher and therapist with over 20 years teaching experience

This is a 3 hour workshop with a difference, indulge in some perfect ‘me time’ exploration of the body with soma yoga on the ball!

Learn how to gently unlock tension, learn how to deeply connect with your body, and investigate movement in its most gentlest yet powerful ways with Somatics & Yoga on the stability ball.
Indulge and enjoy a liberating and expressive form of movement therapy with breathwork, yoga and somatic movement therapy

Mara will lead the group with a gentle exploration of movement therapy. Learn sequences that are slow, precise and gentle.
You will be guided through a series of gentle movements connecting on releasing muscular tension

Yoga on the ball

This unique core conditioning holistic class combines Hatha Yoga asanas with the useful prop of the stability ball. It allows you to engage several muscle groups simultaneously to create a total body workout. Specifically the core and back muscles are activated to improve overall muscular strength, balance and suppleness.

The exercise ball provides a soft and cushioning base for deep stretches and graceful movements of the yogic movements and with only a slight roll of the ball, the stretches can be altered to target different muscle group areas. This is especially useful for improving the way we relax into yogic backbends and can help improve confidence. Yoga on the Ball combines breathing and movement to create a revitalising flow of energy to help realign your posture and leave you feeling calmer, stronger and more centred.

Timetable for the 3 hour workshop

10-11.30am  Yoga asanas and somatic movement therapy sequences on the stability ball.

11.30-11.45am Break

11.45- 1pm   Somatic movement therapy on the mat for managing muscular back pain with deep relaxation techniques and guided meditation.

Cost: £30


To book your ball please text Mara on: 07966000730

Or click the link to book online

yoga ball with Mara Blackburn


“When someone else treats you, the pain is concealed, when you treat yourself it’ s banished.”

Soul Somatics is run by Mara Blackburn, who teaches classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions for pain relief, performance and postural correction, using somatics and yoga. Discover more about somatics, soma yoga and Mara, or find out how her coaching has changed peoples’ lives in the testimonials page.