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Private group classes in yoga and somatics and one-to-one sessions

Somatics workshop and one-to-one

One-to-one yoga fusion sessions and somatics

This is all about you: somatics or yoga sessions tailored to you, at your home, at a time that suits you. This is the option if you have a specific injury and you want an attentive and thorough treatment. This is the best way to learn how to improve the way you move. You’ll also receive a home study pack,video clips and an audio tailored to you and your injury. To ask about a private session, contact meor buy a one-to-one session online.


Private group fusion yoga and somatics sessions

I offer my yogic teaching expertise in the North Cornwall area. I come equipped with yoga mats and all you’ll need for a relaxing yoga experience. I come directly to your chosen place, whether it’s your spacious lounge, your garden or the beach. Don’t have enough space, or it’s wet weather? No worries because I can arrange a venue close to your accomodation for your group.

Let me know what type of yoga lesson you would like:

SUP yoga ( fun and challenging) a fitness style yoga class on Stand Up Paddle boards in collaboration with Harlyn SUP Club. Weather and tide times dependent. Cost £12 per person.

Soma Yoga (Rest and Restore) Gentle yoga ( yin ) with movement therapy (somatics) and meditation

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Energise and Renew) a fitness style yoga with standing poses and floor work, to help improve the circulation and muscular strength.

Yoga Ball ( balance and core conditioning) use the gym ball to sculpt and strengthen the whole body. Improves core strength.

Jinga Yoga ( cardio and agility) this Brazilian martial art of capoeira and yoga fusion session  is flowing, energising and fun.

Both sessions include a deep relaxation technique at the end of the class.


Cost: For one hour private sessions:£60 (up to 6 people)£80 ( 6-10 people) £100 ( 10 + people)
There would be an additional charge of £35 for venue hire if required.

Costs include tuition and all yoga equipment.

Please book direct with Mara click here for bookings





Workshops for yoga schools and sports clubs

I run workshops for yoga and pilates teachers, sports clubs and other businesses in Cornwall and beyond. The workshops for yoga and pilates schools help students improve their practice and boost retention in classes. For sports clubs, it’s all about performance, prevention of injury and treatment for pain. I’m working with sports coaches and manager across Cornwall to develop their members’ potential and keep them fit and active. Somatics workshops can be adapted to any business where repetitive or overuse muscular injuries occur in the workplace. The training is aimed at re-educating staff about their posture by honing their body awareness, which, ultimately, reduces sick days due to injuries like a bad back. Every workshop is tailored to you and your business, so, contact me to discuss how I can make it personal and effective.