Case study: how somatics saved me from hip surgery

Timetable 2021


These gentle somayoga classes are a fusion of yogic asanas and movement therapy sequences.

I include somatics with yogic energy medicine making this experience unique, nurturing and fun.

Learn how to dissolve muscular pain with movement, meditation and deep relaxation.Somatics is not a different style of yoga but rather a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. … We have yoga classes which are influenced by somatics as well as somatic exercises you can use alongside your yoga practice.

Benefits include:

  • Improved posture
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased energy levels & mental clarity
  • Muscular re-connection
  • Diminishes muscular pain and tension
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Restorative and therapeutic


Live online classes

Wednesdays 11am-12pm( from January 6)

Where: Shiva Yoga and Pilates Studio, Nansledan, TR8 4GZ

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When: Wednesdays  7-8pm (from January 6)

Where: online, via the zoom App

Cost: £20.00 x 4 sessions

Other mornings & evenings available for private group booking on request.

Yoga on the ball

yoga ball with Mara Blackburn

This unique core conditioning holistic class combines Hatha Yoga asanas with the useful prop of the stability ball. It allows you to engage several muscle groups simultaneously to create a total body workout. Specifically the core and back muscles are activated to improve overall muscular strength, balance and suppleness.

The exercise ball provides a soft and cushioning base for deep stretches and graceful movements of the yogic movements and with only a slight roll of the ball, the stretches can be altered to target different muscle group areas. This is especially useful for improving the way we relax into yogic backbends and can help improve confidence. Yoga on the Ball combines breathing and movement to create a revitalising flow of energy to help realign your posture and leave you feeling calmer, stronger and more centre.

When: Online via the zoom App

Mondays 10-11.15am from January 18 2021

Cost: £8 drop in or£35 for 4 week course

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“I’ll show you how to sense where the pain is and teach you how to dissolve it.”


Somatics courses

This is the most in-depth way to learn somatics movement therapy. If you want to work through the whole body in a set of structured courses, this is the option for you. You’ll also receive a home study pack, including an audio to guide you through the exercises during the training . Once the course has finished, you can either continue by yourself or return to the class to complete the next stages of your somatics training.


Weekend Worshops 2021

Come and join these soothing Soul Somatics Sunday workshops, learn how to dissolve muscular pain in a 6 hour manage back pain through movement therapy course.

Manage Back Pain Through Movement Therapy Course (Somatics)

This 6 hour course running over 2 consecutive Sunday morning workshops includes the Soul Somatics video download ‘Manage Back Pain Through Movement Therapy’ and exclusive to this course an ebook to accompany the video.


The fact is most people think it is hard to find ways to ease muscular pain without the use of medication. but there is a way. This tried and tested movement therapy is used to manage muscular pain on a daily basis.  Learn how to get rid of pain holistically by re-training your brain to re-connect with your body and to let go of pain.

Is this for you?

Do you want to learn how to dissolve your own muscular pain and learn how to deeply relax? Do you suffer with poor posture and constant muscular pain, do you find it hard to relax or have problems sleeping? Are you a desk worker or have injuries that prevent you from doing the exercise you used to love?  Can you commit to a daily practice? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this technique is definitely for you.

How does it work?

Most muscular pain derives from permanently-contracted muscles, which is formed by habitual bad posture, poor sporting technique or caused by trauma or on-going stress.

The exercises we teach in somatics are based on ‘pandiculation,’ a yawn. Try a yawn and feel what happens in the jaw, neck, chest, shoulders and face; you may even notice tightening in your arms and hands too. This is the essence of somatics: the process of tightening, holding, then letting go.

Testimonials from previous Soul Somatics workshops:

“You have a depth of knowledge about how to work and release my lower back. I was formally a physiotherapist. This technique surpasses my own knowledge of movement therapy. I can say this technique works really well on re- gaining functional movement. I feel like I could get back into my old sport of skiing. “

Sarah Mottram, business manager, former physio

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and feel a deeper connection with my back muscles after recently undergone surgery on my lumbar. The class was subtle and healing.”

Belinda Budge, retired

“Even if you don’t live with chronic pain, it’s the safest exercise I’ve ever come across – it respects your whole body, doesn’t force it or put it under any strain or pressure to perform. The exercises were so gentle and subtle that I barely noticed the movements and yet, paradoxically, they had an almost instant and soothing impact on my body. I felt my muscles start to ‘let go’ and relax.”

Juliet, psychotherapist

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Cost for the 6 hour course with ebook and download/DVD: £75



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Classes sizes are limited to 12. To book your space, you need to pay in advance at least one week before the session or the first class of a course. Read more about payment in our terms and conditions.