Case study: how somatics saved me from hip surgery


These gentle somayoga classes are a fusion of yogic asanas and movement therapy sequences.

I include somatics with yogic energy medicine making this experience unique, nurturing and fun.

Learn how to dissolve muscular pain with movement, meditation and deep relaxation.Somatics is not a different style of yoga but rather a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles. … We have yoga classes which are influenced by somatics as well as somatic exercises you can use alongside your yoga practice.

Benefits include:

  • Improved posture
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased energy levels & mental clarity
  • Muscular re-connection
  • Diminishes muscular pain and tension
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Restorative and therapeutic

Classes for September 2020

Where: Shiva Studio, Nansledan, TR8 4GH

Monday   7-8pm

Wednesday  11-12am

Bookings http://http/


Where: Gwills Yoga Studio, Lane, Newquay, TR8 4PE 

Tuesdays and Fridays  7.30-8.30am

Tuesdays  7-8.30pm

starting pose for arch and flatten

Meditation sessions via the Zoom App

Wednesday 8-8.30pm


Cost: £10 for one session or £18 for 2 weekly sessions or 5 class pass for £45

Please note: Class number restrictions due to the COVID government guidlines.

Maximum of 6 in each session at the moment.

Other mornings & evenings available for private group booking on request.( used within one calendar month)

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“I’ll show you how to sense where the pain is and teach you how to dissolve it.”


Somatics courses

This is the most in-depth way to learn somatics movement therapy. If you want to work through the whole body in a set of structured courses, this is the option for you. You’ll also receive a home study pack, including an audio to guide you through the exercises during the training . Once the course has finished, you can either continue by yourself or return to the class to complete the next stages of your somatics training.


Mindful movement and meditation workshop

A fun, creative way of healing with somatics and chakra meditation

Join me for a deeply relaxing workshop of unique creative mindful movement sequences and guided chakra meditation

Where: Gwills Yoga Studio, Lane, Newquay
When: March 14, 10-4.30pm

A fun, creative way of healing with somatics and chakra meditation

Host:Mara Blackburn, a Somatics, yoga teacher and therapist with over 25 years teaching experience

Indulge in a day of healing exploration for the mind and body.

We will learn the how to re-set our nervous systems from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and restore’ and deeply unlock tension, we will discover how to re-connect with our bodies.

We investigate movement sequences in a gentle form with somatics (movement therapy)

What is Somatics?

The term ‘somatic’ means ‘relating to the body’– think about the word psychosomatic, where physical conditions are caused, or exacerbated by emotional responses. But what is somatics today?

The therapy of ‘somatics’ was created in the 1970s by neuroscientists, Thomas Hanna and Moshe Faldenkrais.

Since then it has developed into a globally-recognised qualification, and is practiced the world over by osteopaths, physiotherapists and other body specialists who treat dancers, sports

Movement for self healing

Don’t move a muscle. It’s hard isn’t it, because most movement is involuntary – we don’t consciously think about it.

Most muscular pain derives from permanently-contracted muscles, which is formed by habitual bad posture, poor sporting technique or caused by trauma or on-going stress.

The exercises we teach in somatics are based on ‘pandiculation,’ a yawn. Try a yawn and feel what happens in the jaw, neck, chest, shoulders and face; you may even notice tightening in your arms and hands too. This is the essence of somatics: the process of tightening, holding, then letting go.

During the sequences of slow, precise and gentle micro movements you are consciously (and voluntarily) contracting and relaxing the targeted muscles, as opposed to unconsciously (and involuntarily) contracting them as a result of bad movement, trauma or stress (or all three).

By doing this you are sending sensory feedback to the brain and creating new patterns; you are retraining your mind to release muscular contractions that you’re not even aware of.

But this can only be done in a relaxed state with full intention and constant focus, which is why you feel super relaxed after every somatics session.


The benefits of Somatic exercises are: relaxing, feel-good, gentle, stress & tension release, mobility, flexibility, better movement, improved co-ordination, greater bodily comfort and increased well-being.

You will be guided through a meditation journey through the body connecting to the chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means a disk/wheel. Chakra meditation thus involves a transfer of energy wheels throughout the entire body. Although the body possesses hundreds of varying chakras, there are essentially 7 core chakras (energy centres) within the body.

Each of these chakras is regarded as the ultimate focal point linking your emotional, physical and spiritual energies. Chakras can also be viewed as energy networks that allow your body, mind and spirit to interrelate as one single system.

Each of the seven key chakras has an individual function corresponding to particular aspects of our vast consciousness.


Refreshments throughout the day, vegetarian and vegan included.
Participants will also be sent video materials to aid home practice.

£70 per person
£60 for subscribers to my newsletter (sign up ) or booking before Feb 8 2020




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Classes sizes are limited to 12. To book your space, you need to pay in advance at least one week before the session or the first class of a course. Read more about payment in our terms and conditions.