Soul Somatics DVD Level 1 course (SOLD OUT)


Soul somatics manage back pain through movement therapy DVD

Manage Back Pain Through Movement Therapy

Manage Back Pain Through Movement Therapy

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Manage back pain through movement therapy

This one hour somatics DVD is brought to you by Soul Somatics with me Mara Blackburn. The video includes 12 gentle somatics exercise sequences with variations and a guided body scanning meditation. Learn the movement therapy sequences at a time that suits you.  Each exercise sequence is broken down into 3-4 minutes.  Each exercise block includes information on the benefits of each movement and easy to follow instructions on how to do them.

The motivation

Once you’ve achieved mastery in these techniques, you will enjoy the sensations of a super- relaxed state for your mind and body after every session. Enjoy a profound restful sleep and create a new sense of empowerment of on a journey of self-discovery free from pain .

These exercises will enable you to move better and get back to a more active and enjoyable life, free from pain. These exercises can also be used as a preventative against muscular tension and used as a way of limbering up before or after a workout or sporting activity: improving flexibility, posture and performance.

Regular practice

Practice, Patience and perseverance is required on a daily practice to achieve optimum results. This is the ultimate `me time’ activity! This is not a quick fix, this a lifelong commitment to your own well being .The somatics education is a process, an experience, a dedication and gift you learn over time.  Once the technique is mastered , you may find you can do the practice 3-4 times per week, we are all individuals , you will become your best guide as to how often and when you need to do the sequences.


This is movement therapy to manage muscular pain on a daily basis. It is the art of self -healing , bringing awareness and mindfulness into your daily routine. You are your best guide to unlocking muscular pain , these techniques are your tools to achieve pain free movement for now and for your future.


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