Testimonials about somatics and somayoga in Cornwall

Dearest Mara
“Thank you so much for this morning’s workshop exploring shoulders and neck.
Somatics feels like gently and tenderly uncovering layers of habit and rediscovering a greater range of natural movement and release. There was such a heart-swelling of organic joy inside me to move this way.
As a Yoga teacher I already have a good understanding of posture and anatomy and have undertaken lots of further study. What (your) Somatics provides is a deep directly-experienced way into the body that gently but powerfully recalibrates the articulation of joints and brings with it a sense of profound calm and comfort. It reminds me of Bowen Therapy, with the advantage that you do it yourself so can use it to self-treat at home. I think all Yoga teachers would benefit greatly from learning with you!

Thanks again for a wonderful rejuvenating session.” Julia Poole, Oceanlight Yoga teacher


“Hi Mara, thankyou so much for working with me this morning. It was a brilliant session and just an hour with you has helped me feel optomistic that I might be able to move more freely again. Part way through I began to feel that my upper body, shoulders and hands were released from pain and tightness. I can describe somatics as a similar sensation of being in water and feeling weightless and free to move easily. The exercises were manageable and the movements enjoyable rather than painful. It opened up the possibilty of continuing to practise yoga from a different perspective.” Wendy, former maths teacher.


I just want to thank you again for helping me reconnect with my body during my magical stay at the Scarlet Hotel! I feel so lucky that you were able to step in and be the one to help me begin my journey to rediscover yoga. Thank you again for your great tips and patience. You are an excellent teacher! Best of luck with your new video! Sally Bailey-Gates x


“So last week I attended the soul somatics workshop. The two and a half hours flew by as you zone in to your body and mind, lush !! The difference over the last 6 days has been amazing. I can actually move my head without any pain, my shoulders are so much more relaxed and so much of the tension has eased around my shoulder muscles right down to my lower back where I always have an aching pain. I cant believe how these subtle movements have made such a difference, Thanks so much Mara x  ”       LIz Wallace

A brilliant workshop & teacher, somatics with Mara really helped my daughter who had been in pain for 4 yrs with neck & jaw problems, Thank you x”  Deborah Barnes, Bowen therapist and swim coach
“Hi Mara, I just wanted to thank you for a truly lovely first time somatics experience at the Scarlet on Saturday morning. Your relaxed, informative and humorous delivery was a delight, I think everyone left the room feeling relaxed, limber and happy after that hour with you.
I’ve just finished my first somatics practice at home, as miraculously after the 6 hour drive home yesterday the effects from the hour with you was still present.
Be happy and keep sharing it,
Liz Smith, business owner
 “Thank you so much for the really positive session earlier on today. I am filled with renewed hope that I will be able to get on top of my SIJ pain after suffering for 20 years. I can already tell that the very small movements that you have shown me have and will help me to connect with my body in order to get the correct muscles working. I experienced  a very emotional sense of relief after being shown how to release very tight muscles. I am looking forward to additional one to one sessions to address other problem areas and get my body working in harmony.” Vicky Kay, teacher.

After just one little taster, I woke up without the “ouch” feeling that was omnipresent beforehand. Cannot wait to wrangle my bendy joints into a semblance of strength and stability! Lowenna Luke, business owner.


“This is the most relaxed I’ve ever felt, the session enabled me to switch off my mind and feel really heavy in my body.” Lisa Clarke, business owner


“I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for 3 years, I’ve seen osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, you name it , I’ve tried them all. After only 2 one to one sessions with you, Mara, remarkably, I have noticed a massive improvement with pain relief in my shoulder, I can’t believe it. I am so relieved and excited to have finally found something that works to remove the pain I’ve held onto for so long. Thankyou!” Gael Fornham, teacher.


“I’m walking completely differently in my body and feel I’ve created more space.” Jo Wyn, media manager.


“I have been doing yoga for years, but, since the somatics I can now put my heels on the floor in downwards dog for the first time ever – it feels so different.” Susie Ray, artist.


“I sleep so well after the class, which is a rare thing for me.” Sylvia Johnston.


“I have been trying to get a better posture for years and these movements are really helping. I have more movement in my shoulders, my back feels stronger as well. Thankyou.” Tracey Barnecutt.


“Even if you don’t live with chronic pain, it’s the safest exercise I’ve ever come across; it respects your whole body and doesn’t force it or put it under any pressure. The exercises were so gentle and subtle that I barely noticed the movements and yet, paradoxically, they had an almost instant and soothing impact on my body. I felt my muscles start to ‘let go’ and relax.” Juliet, psychotherapist.


“Last night’s somatics taster session was really helpful for my bad back. It feels a million times better this morning. Can’t wait for the next session.” Hannah Carter, mum and surfer.


After the first session I was amazed at how good I felt. I had a pretty significant back injury and was in a lot of pain. I was in and it of a wheelchair and often on crutches. After the first session I felt relaxed and in less pain. After the course I found that I was in less pain and wasn’t suffering from pin and needles down my legs. It has benefitted my by making me more comfortable and sleeping better. I have also not needed to use my wheelchair.” Taylor Barlow.  

Well Mara, you’re still an epic teacher even after all these years. I first went to Mara’s yoga classes nearly twenty years ago and have seen her skills go from strength to strength. Somatics is something completely different, go with no expectations as you can’t really compare it to anything at all. Mara explained somatics in a way everyone could relate to and didn’t bombard us with too much information. I think the hardest thing to grasp was the speed of the poses, and actually mastering the ‘roll’ of the pelvis, as they are extremely slow movements. My body usually pops like a piece of bubble wrap when I wake in the morning, but following only one somatics class I felt a huge difference. It’s bizarre as you hardly feel like you’re body is doing anything at all in the class, but believe me you are and it’s actually quite powerful! My back and arms ached quite a bit immediately after the class, but like magic I awoke with no pain whatsoever the following morning. I have since incorporated the movements Mara showed us into some of my my yoga routines at home. It’s definitely worth a try. Sam, Ayurvedic massage therapist and spa supervisor