Here are some of my students to tell you a bit about the magic of somatics (after a bit of blurb from me). They are: an artist, PR guru, business owner, hypnotherapist and a massage & breathwork specialist. They took part in a six-week Soul Somatics course. For them, the main benefits were that they feltdeeply connected with their body, enjoyed pain relief and a new way to tackle day-to-day tension and stress accumulation. Plus, they said, they all enjoyed a solid night’s sleep after each class.

‘The magic of somatics’ video was so much fun to make. These people were so passionate about the way somatics helped them.

Here’s what they said:

“I’m one of those classic people who spends most of their time on a laptop spending most of the day with strong, strong stress through my shoulders. So this is amazing for accessing that central area of my back, which is very tight. And I’ve found it a  powerful way of working through the natural tightenin and releasing…and understand how to manage that on an on going basis. Mara has such a relaxing voice…you take it all in and it deeply works into those areas of the body.”  Rhona Gardiner, PR guru.
“I’ve been mountain biking yesterday, so today my back has just got really tight, and just an hour before I came here, it got to it’s peak (pain) as I literally got to the door. So tonight’s session has really helped to relax those muscles.” Nik Fielding, business manager.
I’ve tried various things: chiropractor, Bowen technique and pilates. I think this is something that could compliment that. I feel much more relaxed straight after the sessions and I’m sleeping better and when I wake up in’t morning I feel the pain in my hips has gone away.” Carol Bowes-Alcock, artist.
“I’m feeling more open somehow after each class…feeling much more relaxed and much more ‘integrated’ would be the word. Very relaxed, nice atmosphere. Mara has this way of bringing humour in, so that’s kinda nice; it adds a relaxation and flow — it’s a nice quality that you bring Mara.” Amanda Phillips, massage therapist and breathwork specialist.
I couldn’t recommend it enough; especially with your approach, you have a way of making it hilariously fun… it’s magic. If you can adjust someone’s body or someone’s brain to help them relate better in life and like to be more relaxed in life and therefore live a happier and healthier life, then I couldn’t recommend it enough.” Jonny Alcock, hypnotherapist and reiki master.
I am so thrilled with this feedback, it makes me very happy, they were all buzzing with enthusiasm. Not only have these practitioners been dedicated and focused throughout the course, they were all so open, relaxed and confident to share their experiences of somatics live on camera. So I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to teach the next one!

Namaste, Mara.