somatics, yoga and north american indian wisdom

somatics, yoga and North American Indian wisdom


For me, it’s yuletide moose time..this month’s blog is all about the tenuous links between somatics, yoga and North American Indian wisdom. I have a ritual of doing a reading from the North American Indian animal cards, anytime I need a bit of guidance or just for fun. The same token animals come up for me, but the one that frequents my reading everytime, is the moose. It happens to be a teachers card, the medicine found in the elders of the Good Red Road(not the yellow brick one)and have seen many things in their earth walk. It is the card of self esteem.

I’m telling the world. Well done me for finally finding something that gives me harmonius pride.This happens to be, for me somatics, the wisdom of neuroscience with my many years of therapy and yogic experience, somehow this feels so right. It ticks all my boxes. Why not feel good about yourself and share the experience?

If ever I get doubts about my vision or path, teaching is always going to be my good red road. The gift of wisdom, I really don`t mean academic (I wasn`t great in the classroom, but I was very good at lunch) my mind was easily distracted, I was eternally bored. I was a searcher, a dreamer, a creative at a very young age.( You get the picture)

So why is the moose medicine relevant? It signifies helping others to learn and grow, giving people a reason to feel good about something. A great exercise is to write about yourself in a positive way about your progress in life.

So I got a piece of blank paper and wrote all that I have achieved and why I love myself. Let’s face it, this is hard, most people are hard on themselves, I am a culprit, I`m challenging myself on the word LOVE, lurve, la la (beatles track)

So, here`s just a glimpse of mine (you gotta keep some stuff secret ,right) to give you an idea of a list you may want to compile for your own benefit. Hint: Do not write anything negative about yourself.

  • I make people smile and usually laugh alot (ahem,if they`re on my wavelength).
  • I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
  • I feel the love of my family and have a very close bond with them
  • I trust that my journey of teaching has been rewarding, nurturing and uplifting for others.

My trait is not to seek approval but comes from the knowing of a job well done and the enjoyment of sharing the joy. Oooooh well done me, well done me I bellow like a moose on heat…

Oooooh I`m awight I am…

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Happy yuletide y’all !